Vitamin  Anti-Aging Facial

Regular  facial  ---  2 kinds of therapy .

Premium facial  --- 4 kinds of therapy including neck ,

more higher quality facial products .

       Age Spots: Shade from the Sun


 Some facials can help fade age spots. Learn more about how those spots appear with Groupon’s   examination .



Sun spots. Liver spots. Solar lentigines. No matter what you call them, those flat gray, brown, and black spots on


the skin come from the same place: space. Specifically, the sun. All skin color is the result of a pigment called


melanin produced in the epidermis. Each person’s skin produces melanin at certain rate, but ultraviolet rays


from the sun accelerate that process, which creates a darker, tanned appearance. Over years, melanin can


become particularly concentrated in one area and clump together to form age spots, typically on the hands, face,


shoulders, and other areas regularly exposed to sunlight. (Freckles are produced through a similar process,


but their formation is much more strongly predicted by genetics and by whether you’re dressing up as Raggedy


Ann for Halloween this year.)



Age spots are ultimately harmless, but there are many ways to treat their appearance. Prescription-strength


and over-the-counter creams use retinol or hydroquinone to make the spots gradually fade over time. Laser


treatments target melanin-producing cells directly, and microdermabrasion and chemical peels remove the top


layer of skin altogether, taking discoloration with it. People also seek out cryotherapy to freeze the offending


areas, destroying the excess pigment as the skin heals . 



          Waxing Services !!!




               We  make the removal of unwanted hair as safe and comfortable as possible.




     Arms : $30



     Legs : $40



    Eye Brow : $15



    Chin  : $15



    Lip : $15



    Underarms: $20

The  application  of  treatment  is  commonly  used 


by  professionals  to increase  cellular  turnover ,


plump up and  smooth  out  fine  lines  and  wrinkles ,


tighten  sagging  skin, relieve  puffy  eyes, reduce 


the appearance of  cellulite, improve  acne, tighten


enlarged pores,  fade  dark  eye  circles, freckles 


and old  age  spots . The  process  is  safe, painless 


and  gentle  and can  even  be  used  by  sensitive 


skin types . We  employ  a  boost of  vitamins  to   tone 


skin  during   facials  so  you   will  have  lightful  ultra 


moisture  look  after our  facial  service .

*All our facial products are imported from Germany *


                    $160 (Regular)            $200 (premium)  


Full Line of Natural Facial Skin Care Products !!!


                                          Dr. Grandel  and  PHYRIS

We always try hard to bring you the best skin care  products to achieve Results.    


Using all Natural Skincare Lines to achieve the best results.


Using products that are safe for even the most sensitive skin and going to get results.


We are offering a full range for all skin types and Budgets.


No animal testing, No Unwanted Ingredients .



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* All our facial products are imported from Germany *

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Eyelash Conditioner


Original, one-of-a-kind, Ophthalmologist developed lash conditioner that enhances the look of lashes and protects against breakage, while improving health, flexibility and strength, for lashes that thrive, naturally.

Features and benefits:

- Conditions the eyelashes to help protect from brittleness and breakage.

- Helps improve flexibility, moisture and shine.

- Helps defend eyelashes from daily aggressors.

- Enhances the appearance of beautiful, younger-looking, more luxurious eyelashes.

- High impact BioPeptin Complex™, peptides and botanicals saturate the lashes with moisture, keeping them soft, luxurious and healthy-looking.


Research results:

In a study:

- 98% of users reported improved lash appearance.

- 98% of users reported healthier-looking lashes.

- 98% of users reported stronger lashes.


How to use: Wash hands and face with a mild soap and water. Let face and eye area dry completely prior to application. Once a day, apply a thin line to clean and dry eyelashes above the level of the skin. One brush stroke is sufficient to cover eyelashes. Only a small quantity is needed to beautify and promote the attractiveness of natural lashes. For best results, use consistently. Be sure to let dry before applying makeup. If using a makeup remover, be sure to wash off all residue prior to application. There is no added benefit to using more than once per day.


$150.00/each  ( 3.5ML )